Recommended Reading

You are Psychic, by Debra Lynne Katz is a good book to get if you are interested in developing your intuitive abilities. Katz is a graduate of a popular psychic school and her book is a rewarding, and highly readable, psychic how-to manual.

Her book is a revealing journey into the secret world of professional psychics. The techniques in this book are amazingly helpful, practical, and effective. You will learn to clear and clean your aura, chakras, and inner space. Most of the techniques in this book are pre-requisite skills and abilities for accessing your own innate Clairvoyance.

I can not over-emphasize the value of her work. If you get all 3 of her books you are essentially purchasing 2-3 years worth of course material traditionally taught at a psychic school -- what normally costs attending students several thousand dollars.

The second book in Katz's series is worth thousands of dollars. Read that last line again and consider how valuable your spiritual development is to you. She is giving advanced techniques to people that haven't had the programming to realize how dangerous and powerful those techniques are...

People going through a clairvoyant program have access to all this information, but with a caveat: most schools have a no-karma agreement with God for the duration of their students' programs.

This book is very valuable. If you can't figure out why then you probably aren't ready to know.

Additionally, the amount of healing work you can do for yourself and others based on the information in this book is absolutely amazing.

Freeing the Genie Within is the third book in her series and focuses on a wide variety of topics. She has a lot of very practical and interesting meditations in this book.

There is a lot of focus in the book on male and female energies as well as unique perspectives on money.

The book includes template questions for popular categories of interest that client's have. This is a good resource for intuitives to look and the underlying questions and perspectives behind a readee's surface level question.

Energy Work, by Robert Bruce is a book that will teach you how to move energy and take the next step in your spiritual development. It is filled with practical techniques and methods for stimulating your energy body via your mind. Robert Bruce illustrates energy concepts in simple, non-esoteric, western terms. He explains self healing and energetic sensations.

Much of his work is useful for lucid dreaming, astral projection, energy awareness, and psychic awareness. If you are just beginning to learn about energy work then this book is a must have. I also recommend:

The Deep Self, by John C. Lilly.
Trail Guide to the Body, by Andrew R. Biel.
Rolfing and Physical Reality, by Ida Rolf.

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