Out of Body Experiences

Having an out of body experience while you are awake is very easy to do; it is just a matter of perceptual training to get the steps down. You do not have to have OBE's strictly through the astral body; for some reason that is a very big misconception out there. Personally, I rarely do that, because I don't really have the interest and I can remember my astral space well enough every night anyway. Robert Bruce has a great series of books if you want to learn about that though.

Your experience is more or less determined by where your attention point is at. So all you have to do is learn how to move your attention point out of your body if you want to experience an OBE.

Now the problem is that for most people they only have enough awareness, and inner permission, to have their attention point in maybe 2 or 3 places in their entire body-space (with their frontal sinus / analyzer / problem solver space being one of those), because of all the underlying unconscious programming.

Do you know where your attention point is right now?

Usually, in a person who has done little to no meditation, all that unconscious energy actually runs their attention point, so to speak – it controls it completely. A lot of times people whose space gets so controlled by foreign energy have to go to extreme lengths to force an out of body experience, i.e., through psychedelics, in order to validate themselves as spirit. So that is a difficult position to be in.

Attention points can be created, and they can be destroyed, and it is actually possible to have to deal with the hassle of moving someone else's attention point out of your space from time to time, but that is way beyond the scope of this article.

If you can't move your attention point at will, and experience all kinds of weird and wild stuff as a result, then you have to learn how to do that. There are various ways of learning to move your attention point; it certainly helps to practice moving your point of attention to different spots in your body, during meditation, as a first step.

Spend several weeks, or months, doing just that. Limit your entire focus to a single part of your body for long enough – like an hour – to really tune into it and notice what you notice. Then switch to a different part of your body.

Another good tool is to practice dissolving your perception of body boundaries consciously. We do this all the time unconsciously. Like right now, how aware are you of your feet on the ground? Or did they just pop back into your awareness?

What you can do is to get a small dish towel and scrunch it up and then lay down and place that towel on your face; be aware of the towel, then let it dissolve into your face (mentally speaking), so that you are no longer aware of the towel, then after that let your perception of your own face disappear.

The other concept to understand is your ability to match energy on the crown chakra, and on a whole body level, but that is beyond the scope of this article to explain all that in detail.

But after you have all that stuff down, here is what I suggest if you want to have an awake OBE:

What I do is open my crown chakra very wide and then move my attention point out of my body, above my head, and then into a star. Do it slowly. It's great to do it at night when you can actually see the stars.

When I do this I hear music inside my head very clearly, and I start seeing interesting/relevant images, and my whole body will vibrate really intensely as it is flooded with cosmic energy. You will not be able to go to sleep right away.

The longer you spend moving your attention point out of body the more intense the experience will be. So some people may have to spend 3 days to a week meditating on moving that point out of their bodies. Usually it takes just as long to meditate to get back into the body though.

Also you should, ideally, know how to ground really well or you could be screwed trying to get back into your body, but if you haven't done much meditation then chances are your unconscious programming is so heavy that might not necessarily be a big problem. Also, it might light up all the transmedium energy, and death pictures, in your space and you could experience some not so fun things too.

When coming back into the body, it is important to close down the upper chakras very slowly – otherwise intense splitting pain can occur in the head.

Having some clairvoyant tools, and not just knowing how to use them, but actually owning them in the body, is really preferable before you go blasting yourself way out of body. One of the issues is that without that body level clairvoyant information, and training, you may not know how to deal with what you are actually experiencing.

And when you do have clairvoyant tools then you can use that out of body-star-space to work through a ton of pictures, past life energy, karma, heal yourself, and check off other items on your meditation to-do-list, rather than just having fun for the sake of having fun, which is okay sometimes, but can also be a waste of time.

Another issue is that without some of the advanced clairvoyant information, which you only end up learning after many months of training at the psychic institutes, you won't be able to deal with certain energies, or beings, when going out of body, or coming back in; the level of long term clairvoyant experience needed to work those energies is quite tedious and involved.

One of my friends came across a guy who was really into OBE's and thought the idea of having clairvoyant tools was disdainful and beneath him – after all, he had read Debra Katz's first book and thought he understood it well enough; well, shortly after my friend met this guy he got slammed with so much transmedium energy so hard during one of his OBE's that he could no longer do any out of body work anymore, because his body-spirit communication space got so screwed up!

There are real consequences for you, your space, and your sanity, during what you do out of body; it is important to know what you are doing. An out of body experience is essentially just another way of losing your space. So you really want to know how to have your space in the first place before you go around losing it even more, otherwise you are just courting trouble.