Do you have trouble in relationships, difficulty with emotions, fears and frustrations? Of course you do, we all do; it's part of being human on the wild rollercoaster of life.

What do we do about it? We go to therapy, meetings, support groups, and then we top it off with some more therapy. And we spend hundreds, and thousands, of hours, talking, and talking, and talking. And what changes at a core level? Very little, but it creates the feeling that we are doing something. But what if you knew you could spend between 2 simple minutes to 2 hours to actually collect, and complete, the underlying energy behind those "problems," once and for all?

Do you know how to end karma?

In this four part article series I will examine karma, what you need to know about it, and the following topics:

Maybe you have some tools and know how to meditate; if that's the case then you're not in the majority. Here's an interesting question for you: is your meditation practice pissing people off? If so, you're probably doing something right.

I can hear you now, "what, is this guy crazy?" We are programmed to think that, if you're meditating, love will spread everywhere and all will be right in the world. But the truth is that most people don't want to change, or face all those "big bad" unconscious pictures hidden away in their minds. So when you look at that stuff for yourself, when you break agreements, when you end karma, and shift your energy, then it forces the people close to you to examine themselves, even if only peripherally. It shakes things up, and sometimes, although not always, they get mad about it.

This entire line of thinking comes from being in, and seeing the world from, the sixth chakra. It's not about healing yourself or someone else; it's about going beyond that game and leveling the playing field back to complete neutrality. That is what ending karma does. Now some people don't actually want you ending karma with them; they want you stuck in a vicious cycle of pain and punishment, or for you to heal them unconsciously, forever. Fun huh? There are techniques around that resistance, so it's not really a big deal. But when you can do this you start to realize what tremendous freedom you really have as a spirit. And it is such a simple process too.

In India, entire political and class structures are built around the concept of karma; it wrongly becomes a justification for poverty and inequality. There are no shortage of Facebook posts and people out there telling you that you "reap what you sow," and that "karma's a bitch," and that you are powerless to do anything about it, so you'd better play nice. These are the same folks who have no concept that you actually have the freedom to complete, or even break, your karma.

Now it's not exactly that simplistic in all situations, because sometimes we do elect difficult experiences based on karma, but you have to discover the magnitude and context that works for you when it comes to completing the myriad streams of karmic influences in your life. And to do that you have to know the meditation process first.

So, is the idea of ending karma merely an interesting abstraction to you now, or are you curious to explore and discover it as a visceral and real experience? What kind of effects will it have on your own mind and with your personal problems and situations? Are you ready to join the ranks of the very few who actually know how to use this kind of meditation technique? Only around 10,000 people in the entire world actively have and use this meditation tool.

Religions each have their own answers to the question: how do you end karma? But pretty much all of them do not operate at a level that is above the heart. They will tell you about forgiveness, which is tremendously powerful, but it is still fourth chakra level information. They are still stuck in the games that operate below neutrality. It is only the modern psychic institutes that will teach you how to end karma from your clairvoyance — your ability to see images.

You might think: "that sounds difficult and I can't see pictures with my eyes closed too well." Well, the truth is that you don't have to. The process is straightforward enough that it is simply awesome. The problem is that most people are not in their bodies enough to be able to do the ending karma process. So while the actual technique can be done in 30 seconds or so it is all the preparatory work that takes some time.

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