Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling sessions are two hours long.

This space is for people who have already had at least one reading, or healing, with me and who want to take the next step toward a personalized counseling space which includes a combination of healing, meditation, and clairvoyant reading as necessary.

This is a space where you are free to talk about the issues you are working through and I will help walk you through releasing, and healing, them by whatever means are most appropriate. It may mean teaching you a clairvoyant tool, or giving you a healing, or walking you through a guided meditation specific to your issue. Oftentimes, it is a combination of all three.

In a standard clairvoyant reading I follow a specific outline for exactly what happens during the session. Standard readings are the first introductory step before pursuing spiritual counseling services so that I can get an overview of who you are, what you are working on, and where you are at in your development.

The spiritual counseling space is a more flexible next step, rather than getting another reading. It is an excellent way to give to yourself and make the changes that you finally want to create in your life.

Please note: sessions may be by phone, Skype, or in person. International sessions are held via Skype. All sales are final.