Personal Instruction

Would you like to awaken and develop your own inner intuition and psychic abilities? In my personal instruction sessions you will discover the tools and skills necessary to become Clairvoyant. These are tools that you can use to cleanse your own aura and release pain and negative energy from your space.

Are you looking for some basic and effective meditation tools to simply manage your stressful life? You will learn to validate yourself, release what you don't need, and create what you want on an energetic and spiritual level.

I also teach more advanced tools to people that already have meditation experience, or who may be clairvoyant program graduates. Yes there are in fact tools that are not taught in those programs that I highly recommend to clients.

Consider getting a session to take a step up in your ability to visualize and connect with your inner psychic abilities.

Please contact me by phone for more information about one-on-one training: 650-383-8112