Kundalini Package

Your Kundalini is a very powerful body energy that everyone has, but very few know how to use consciously. This energy can be experienced as "hot flashes" by women, as intense sweat and feelings of an electric shaking coursing through the body, and a variety of other ways. Sometimes this energy gets activated when you are very sick or if you have been participating in intense sports. If this energy is blocked at one of the chakras it will tend to "spill out" through that chakra and create specific issues.

For example, if the Kundalini is blocked at the first chakra a person may feel intense panic and the sense of impending doom or the need to be in total survival mode. If the Kundalini is stuck at the second chakra a person may become obsessed with sex and experience uncontrollable urges. If the Kundalini gets stuck at the sixth chakra a person may see visions wildly beyond their control that they cannot stop or deal with. It would take a whole book to go into detail about all the issues that can arise when this energy goes awry.

Are you experiencing your Kundalini, but not quite sure what to do about it? Is it becoming a "problem" rather than a fun and validating spiritual experience? Are you trying to analyze it, but coming up short because you don't have the clairvoyant tools necessary to control it or work through the underlying energies?

Are you running this energy consciously, at will, or is it running through you, leaving you wondering what is going on? If you feel like it's time to get some feedback, information, and understanding of what is actually happening with your Kundalini, and energy running space, then this package is for you. It includes the following:

1 Hour Past Life, Aura, and Kundalini Reading

I will clairvoyantly look at your past lives and the seven layers of your aura and see how they are influencing your ability to run your Kundalini. I will look at your energy running space and see which pictures, energies, and programming prevent you from really owning your Kundalini for yourself. And I look at what is working well for you to use your Kundalini in a way that validates your body.

You will also have time during this reading for your questions as well. This gives you a comprehensive and, in depth, overview of what is going on with your Kundalini space and gives us an idea of what needs to be done during the healing.

Half Hour Kundalini Deprogramming and Healing

When you first start popping your Kundalini and running it through your space several things will usually "light up" and come to the surface of your awareness for you to release. These are different for everyone. But they often include: foreign programming/control energy around your permission to run your Kundalini for yourself, guru energy, and death pictures.

We will address these energies, as well as past life energies affecting your Kundalini.

Oftentimes, this space is very much controlled by past life experiences and sub-conscious pictures that need to be de-programmed. I will deprogram any level of energy masquerading as your Kundalini that actually wants to destroy the space.

Where is your Kundalini vibration set at? Are you able to choose for yourself or is a past life colouring this space? I can help you to deprogram any level of energy that kicks you way out of your body when you run your Kundalini as well, which is usually what most religious traditions teach and what many people have learned in past lives. I will give you a healing to bring your Kundalini into present time.

Lastly, I will say hello to the agreements you have with any beings influencing your Kundalini running ability and teach you the tools necessary to release those agreements yourself.

2 Hour Kundalini Instruction Session

I am amazed at how many books and websites out there that talk about Kundalini, but never seem to talk about the most important thing: how to turn it off. In this instruction session you will learn to consciously run your Kundalini from a clairvoyant space.

You will learn how to turn your Kundalini off and on. You will learn how to gain control over this incredibly powerful body energy and direct it in ways that validate and heal your body and spirit.

This one-on-one session will be customized to your particular needs. Everyone will receive tools to help manage your Kundalini in a positive and healthy fashion, i.e., in the body.

Kundalini Class Recording

Your package also includes a class recording on Kundalini taught by a top clairvoyant teacher. This audio class is not available for sale elsewhere on my website. It uncovers some of the myths that surround this subject and also includes a unique approach to healing this space for yourself.

Half Hour Followup Energy Check

After your reading, healing, and instruction I will examine how your energy is running and what next steps you can take on your journey forward.

Please note: sessions may be by phone, Skype, or in person. International sessions are held via Skype. All sales are final.