Diamond Readings with Grace & Josh

Diamond healings are based on a unique, entirely new, healing modality which uses clairvoyance, spirit guides, and advanced methods to look for and heal energetic and bioenergetic blockages that affect the body.

The Diamond Reading is a body focused reading space and is recommended if you are looking for something that is a step up from the regular, or gold package, readings. It includes advanced healings that are not available in other readings I do. In the Diamond Reading you will have two clairvoyant readers, myself and Grace, looking at your energy and path forward.

Grace is a registered nurse and has graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. She has completed the 9 month Wellness Alchemy healing program, the Sacred Healing Ministry program, and is currently exploring a 6 month transmedium program. She has done hundreds of readings, and healings, and has a wealth of clairvoyant experience, and talent, that she brings to her readings.

I work with Grace one-on-one regularly and am happy to offer a reading space where you can receive both of our creative perspectives. This reading space is focused entirely on you the energy that affects your physical body.

Normally, these readings are 90 minutes long and also include both a karmic healing and a Christ-force healing, which is a very high vibrational healing that I do not normally offer to clients. We can also do de-programming on difficult energies in your space as well if needed.

Your body already understands how to be in a healthy state and it has its own innate information when it comes to optimal wellbeing. Our beliefs, karma, agreements with others, and foreign energies can all subtly contribute to destroying this natural state of inner equanimity.

We look at how energy affects the physical body. Please note, because of the nature of this work I must state that this is an energy healing. I am not a medical doctor and I do not promise cures. Please see a medical professional whenever necessary. These healings use no hands-on component.

These healings can be very intense and they are certainly all business; they focus on a single healing request, or problem area, that is affecting your life. We clear the energy that affects you on a body level.

Generally, these healings have to be done at a quick pace because there are so many distinct parts, i.e., directives, to go through. Diamond healings generally last between 1 to 2 hours, depending upon your unique situation.

This space is about helping you to heal on a deep energetic body level.

These healings include the following parts (directives), plus fourteen additional ones, not listed below:

Toxin Vibrational Healing
Akashic Records Healing
Disease Belief Systems Healing
Alien Energies Healing
Bioenergetic/Nervous System Healing
Trauma Directive
Karmic Healing
Christ-force Healing
Microbe Healing

Please note: diamond sessions are held by phone or Skype only. International sessions are held via Skype. This is an energy based healing; we do not diagnose. All sales are final.

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