Healing Consciously

healing-hands.jpgI was on vacation with my girlfriend and we walked into a spiritual boutique shop. It was selling the usual stuff: incense, chakra books, healing crystals, etc. We talked to the lady and she gave us a brochure about the "Twelve Grandmothers of the World" -- a group of women committed to peace and healing on earth. We left the store and my girlfriend commented that the grandmothers in the picture looked mad. I said, "Of course they look mad. They have to heal the entire world! All by themselves!" We both laughed at that. A lot of people carry around the expectation, idea, or image that they have to heal the world's problems.

In fact, American women are very programmed to heal others unconsciously. Take a look at Oprah and how wildly successful she is; her show airs the traumatic stories of people to millions of women and those women take on that pain and energy to heal not only the person on the show but the collective energies of the people watching the show. It can be seen as a kind of unconscious healing network.

Most people are unaware of how they heal others, or even how they heal themselves. Because so many people don't know how to consciously do healing or transform energy they do it unconsciously. Have you ever talked to someone who just had to tell you their sob story about their breakup or recent problem? They tell you in vivid detail and by the time they're done you feel like you got hit with a ton of bricks, or you feel drained or tired.

Many times, what these people are doing is throwing those pictures into your space, and then creating an energetic cord/connection into you via those pictures; and then they proceed to dump their energy on you for you to heal it. Throwing your stories into other people's space is not the best way to get a healing and it ends up creating karma.

So it is a good idea to start by recognizing your own healing energy. Your healing energy has a distinct flavor/frequency/vibration that is unique to you. Learning to recognize your own healing energy and processes is a very empowering process. There are many different ways to heal yourself using energy. One is to open your hand chakras and run that energy back up through your arm channels and into your whole body; you can run it at different colors. The thing is that you really have to be in your body, grounded, and owning your space, for that to work well -- and that involves a whole Clairvoyant meditation process.

One of my classmate's mom healed her horribly disfigured hands of chronic arthritis; I mean her fingers were really crooked before; now they look normal. So the effects are very real.

Learning to recognize when you heal others unconsciously is also very empowering, but learning why is even more important. There are so many different reasons people heal others unconsciously that a 10 page long list would not suffice.

Some examples include: believing that others are not competent or capable enough to heal themselves -- so you have to do it for them. Another funny, and twisted, example is the desire to heal someone else so you don't have to look at a similar issue within yourself. It could also be possible that your family programmed you to heal certain issues, relationship dynamics, or people. Or maybe you heal people out of fear. It is also possible that you have past life or even present life agreements or "unconscious contracts" to heal a person.

I have clairvoyantly read many women who were so conditioned to put others before themselves that they unconsciously healed others because of that programming.

Massage therapists also benefit immensely from knowing how to move out their client's energy after sessions. And that doesn't end at releasing them or grounding them -- it also includes ending karma with the client, breaking astral communication, and end healing agreements.

Learning how to break or destroy agreements you have to heal others can be very powerful. Psychic reading and energy work can do the job. Regression hypnotherapy can also work well if you have a therapist that is open and aware enough.

Many healers, and out of control healers, are under the delusion that they have to give away all of their energy when they do a healing. In fact, this is not the case and is a very outdated form of healing. Modern psychic schools now teach methods of healing that actually give you, the healer, a healing in addition to the person you are working with. This is accomplished through making agreements to work with healing guides that you have karma with. I also teach clients this as well, but it requires several sessions to get to that level.

There is nothing wrong with healing someone else, but it is best to do so consciously with awareness, rather than unconsciously without any understanding.

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