Clean Your Aura Often!

You wouldn't go 10 years without cleaning your car would you? What about your bathroom sink or toilet? Imagine what it would look like if you didn't clean them for 10 years. Pretty disgusting huh? How about your socks and underwear? You wash and clean those regularly too right? I certainly hope so!

Well think about this now: when was the last time you got your aura, chakras, and meridians cleaned? The answer for most people is probably "never." And that is more or less equivalent to treating your energy body the same way as if you hadn't washed or repaired your car in 10 years. And people are baffled as to why they are in pain or having trouble accomplishing their goals in life. It is because, metaphorically speaking, their energy body looks something like this:


Your energy body is able to pick up energy from other people. Get enough of other people's energy in your aura and chakras and you will experience pain, discomfort, and all kinds of uncomfortable sensations. Your energy body also stores your own emotions, fantasies, memories and traumas, as well as a host of other images about yourself including how you live, what kind of relationships you have with others, and more.

Every time you watch a horror movie, with an unprotected aura, the images from the movie get stored in your energy body with the intensity of emotion you experienced while watching it. Then, unless you release those images, consciously or unconsciously, they get stored and at that point most people forget about them all together.

All that crud, fear, anger, worry, and negative energy just builds up and builds up like dirt on an over worn pair of pants. I'm not joking either. If you have what is called "Clairolfaction" you can literally smell the energy of people. And believe me, people that have lots of nasty energy are very difficult to be around just because of the foul odor.

The reality is even worse for many unskilled Empaths - people who essentially feel others energies. Often times they end up picking up those energies - adding even more crud to their own space.

Unskilled Empaths tend to be like psychic sponges - taking on everyone else's energies and problems.  I think in all honesty, the difference between an unskilled Empath and a skilled Empath is that a skilled Empath has and knows how to use a vast library of psychic techniques and energetic skills. There, I said it. I know the word "psychic" is so charged, but despite the connotations, Empaths are essentially using a psychic skill. So it makes sense to learn to direct and control that skill as well as develop a host of other energy tools in order to function optimally and thrive in life. It also makes sense to get regular aura cleansings done.

Unfortunately most people are walking around loaded with crud, including, but not limited to: the remnants of their own ancient emotions, energy from old relationships, and the weight and energy of other people's criticism, expectations, and energetic venom. Many people are walking around with all of this in their chakras and auras in addition to their own internal fantasies, sub-personalities, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve them.

Getting a professional aura cleansing releases all of this crud. When you get cleansing work done you will be able to freely and enjoyably experience your own energy more; this means you will be able to more easily envision and accomplish your own goals, because everyone else's negative energy is no longer blocking you on a creative level.

The irony is that many people have pain in their body, but are completely unaware of the underlying energies and causes. When the energy gets moving the pain goes away and they forget they ever had it in the first place or are extremely impressed by the fact that it disappeared.

So, you can get a healing by using grounding techniques. You can get a healing by going out in the forest and meditating. You can get a healing by exercising. Those are similar to cleaning or repairing your car yourself; you can get a pretty decent job done. But you can also get a professional job done by working with a Reiki Master or Astral Aura Healer. That is kind of like paying someone else to detail or repair your car. It is usually much more effective and far easier. It also helps to work with someone else to see where your own blind spots are.

So take action and get an aura cleansing today! Located in San Francisco, San Jose, or the Bay Area? I can meet you in person or at my office in San Francisco. Not located in the Bay Area? I can give you a distance healing.

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