From a clairvoyant perspective, addiction is usually a nasty combination of machine energy, transmedium energy, embedded genetic pictures, and body programming.

If a person can move all that energy out of their bodyspace then they are able to be free from addiction.

In an addiction space, a person is no longer able to run their own control energy through their body in a functional way.

This is ironic, because a lot of alcoholics in perpetual recovery programs have gotten really good at running control energy (not necessarily their own); but there is a limit to what that can do in your space; you can’t actually remove the pictures beneath the aforementioned problem energies just by running control energy.

For example, ever had a song stuck in your head? That situation is created by what is called a machine. When you do enough meditation, you will be able to see, and identify, them in your inner space and actually feel them in your body. The term can seem a bit confusing at first since, obviously, they are not physical machines, but energetic ones.

They repeat the same thing over and over; that is their function. Machines do not work in the body very well; they invalidate the body — and they are not pleasant.

You need several months of clairvoyant training to be able to remove them from your space; they are next to impossible to remove otherwise. That song that was stuck in your head? The machine is still there, you just aren't running your creative energy through it anymore, so it isn't getting activated.

Have you ever considered the reason that Alcoholics Anonymous has twelve steps that repeat, and repeat, and repeat? The structure is the same as a machine.

When one has no seniority over the ability to destroy machines it then becomes a matter of attempting to control, and manage, that machine energy in one's own space. And that is almost always a losing proposition, because of all the other aforementioned energies involved.

So what happens is that people in perpetual recovery programs get really good at running control energy on top of a lifetime of foreign junk in their space; and it then becomes a daily battle to have one's inner space, because everything becomes managed from the third chakra. And because people in these programs do not have the tools to work the energy behind the genetic pictures in their space, they have to constantly be "on the ball" with regard to all that control energy so that the transmedium energies don't take over.

Can you differentiate between a "personal shortcoming" and the effects of foreign energy in your space? Can you differentiate between the energy you have unconsciously channeled your entire life and what the 12 steps refer to as "defects of character?" Can you differentiate your energy from your family's energy? What about your thoughts? Can you tell which thoughts are actually yours and which thoughts arise as the effect of foreign energy in your space?

You have to do a lot of clairvoyant meditation, and work through a lot of energy, to really crack those questions open. The body is the present time landscape of the psyche; all of our past emotions, energies, and mental imagery — in addition to lifetimes of past foreign emotion and energies — can all eventually become lodged across one's bodyspace unless it is released through meditation.

Most addicts would probably be really relieved to realize that most of the things they have identified in themselves as "shortcomings," or problems to be fixed, are just foreign energies, beings, and games, that have nothing to do with them aside from the set of pictures in their space that they got in on, which can easily be destroyed and released through specific forms of visual meditation.

The idea that you are stuck doing the same thing over and over in an attempt to manage an addiction is completely ludicrous. In this day and age, that is really just a form of denial that says you cannot heal yourself; you can take Ayahuasca, or Ibogaine, and get a lot of this information directly from a transformative healing experience. It is no longer the 1930's anymore!

We have tremendous new information about healing oneself now. Addiction is over. Did you read that? Transformative healing experiences work. Whether that is Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, or a yearlong clairvoyant training program, these experiences involve a deep commitment to overcoming addiction.

Addiction isn't something you manage throughout life on an ongoing basis anymore; that is a very outdated idea. It is a growth period that you work through and heal from; and afterward, you move on to work through a new set of sub-conscious pictures, and problems, that comprise entirely new growth periods, which have nothing to do with addictions.

The question with Ayahuasca and Ibogaine is: do you have any meditation tools to deal with all of the things they bring to the surface? Your commitment has to be really strong to handle all of the out-of-body transmedium energy. Are you ready to face the truth of your spirit and let go of everything else?

The real difficulty with addiction is that there are so many different layers of energies that have contributed to destroying a person's inner space to the point where they have little seniority over it anymore. Working at the level of the personality, i.e., "defects of character" and "shortcomings" won't cut it.

You have to get down to the very deep levels of energy, and sub-conscious pictures, in your inner space; the personality is too superficial. You have to address, and release, all the unconscious energy vibrating at white that occludes everything from your inner vision.

You have to release all the foreign energy in your space that is hell bent on totally destroying your life. You have to release all the death, and survival, pictures that the transmedium beings use to control you by putting you out of body, as a spirit, so that you can't heal yourself. You have to release all the beings you are unconsciously healing through your addiction.

You have to release all the obsession beings that are vicariously experiencing your addiction through you for fun. You have to release all the family pictures, and agreements, of punishment, pain, and abuse, which underlie the sub-conscious games in your space that feed into creating an addiction space. And you have to release all the machines controlling your space.

How are you going to do that without clairvoyant meditation tools? How are you going to bust those games if you can't end karma, let alone see it, in the first place? And how are you going to do that if you can't deprogram yourself?

Specific meditation visualizations achieve specific spiritual, and energetic, results in your inner space.

If you can't destroy the pictures in your space then how are you going to separate from any foreign energy in your body? If you aren't aware of the foreign control energy managing your attention point in the first place, then how are you even going to become aware of those other energies?

Remember, it's 2015 and addiction is over for the people who are truly ready to dive deeply into the realm of their own spirits. Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, clairvoyant training...